Why Billboards?

Billboard advertising is heralded for neurological branding, consumer recall and calls to action or purchasing! Why even TV and Radio broadcasters rely on billboard advertising to reach their audiences! Billboards’ ever-present subliminal work provides a synergism to strengthen multimedia campaigns. Billboards refuse to allow consumers to turn the page, change the radio dial, or bounce from TV channel to avoid ads, nor move from internet service to internet service. Billboard advertisements and communications are “ubiquitous." Outdoor Advertising messages are continually working both day and night, weekends and holidays...WHY NOT billboards?


  • Market coverage of I-10 between Chandler, AZ and Casa Grande, AZ.
  • Exclusive market coverage of Maricopa, AZ.
  • Limited coverage of Mesa, Gilbert & Queen Creek markets



  • 14' x 48'
  • 10' x 40'
  • 12' x 24'

Contract Length

4-Week display periods.